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Best views of the Northwest in autumn

Best views of the Northwest in autumn

Coming to the Northwest is coming to the majestic and poetic nature of the passes that wind along the rocky mountains.

The Northwest also has a specialty of mountains and forests that makes many tourists cannot forget every spring, which are the vast forests of pear flowers, plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, or buckwheat flowers, etc. Also, traveling to North Vietnam in summer, you will be surprised at the natural scenery and fresh air here.

However, when coming to the Northwest in the spring, you may suffer from the crowding scene because of the large number of tourists during the peak season.

Don't be discouraged, because you can still enjoy those experiences in the fall when the weather is quieter and cooler. So we will give you the ideal places to watch the Northwest fall.

Where to see the Northwest beauty in autumn

  • Mu Cang Chai

  • Ha Giang

  • Moc Chau

  • Sapa

  • Ban Gioc waterfall

Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai fields in autumn

Mu Cang Chai fields in autumn

Every time when September and October come with comfortable weather, the nature explorers from everywhere get to Mu Cang Chai to visit the rice season. The upland area with wild and majestic nature is now covered with golden rice carpet, swaying with the gentle breeze.

The beauty of Mu Cang Chai in autumn is made up of different colors. Those who have not yet forgotten about the gentle, mildly ripe rice fragrance woven by shiny golden rice waves are immediately fascinated by the endless green of tea fields in the high mountains, next to the dreaming purple buckwheat flowers.

Buckwheat flowers stretch along both sides of the mountain, forming a carpet of pristine flowers amidst the wind. Standing in front of this vast flower space, we suddenly feel like being lost in nature.

Ha Giang

As a land having different beauties in all four seasons, Ha Giang in autumn makes people feel excited by the aromatic and passionate ripe rice.

It is known as the paradise of the most beautiful ripe rice terraces. It seems that in autumn weather, along with a brocade painting with all the colors of yellow, brown, and green, it makes people easier to fall in love with.

Ripe rice fields on Dong Van rock plateau, which are placed next to the majestic scenery of the northwest mountains where a meandering pass lies along the cliff, become a harmonious picture.

Ha Giang tours in this time not only have the rice fields but also possess a beautiful sunset on Quan Ba or a green strip of Nho Que river. The land always makes people nostalgic for such simple things.

Moc Chau

Moc Chau tea hills

Moc Chau tea hills

Moc Chau in autumn wears a pure and elegant coat. When coming here, we unconsciously find our hearts as being fresh out by heaven and earth in this place.

People often go to Moc Chau in the spring to see the white of Bauhinia variegata flowers, plum blossoms, and the dreamy pink of peach blossoms. However, Moc Chau in autumn brings a more gentle beauty.

In September, the tea hill turns light green, and the golden sunshine gently embraces the breeze. This time is also the water season, making Dai Yem waterfall a magnificent picture of nature.


Sapa this season is considered as a work of art with terraced fields bending over the side of high mountains. The fragrant, golden rice is right next to the foot, making visitors just want to take this moment to home.

Joining in the life of indigenous people, tourists will have a chance to be drunk by both the yeast and love of the rice offering festival in the upland villages. Sapa this season is not really cold, but the happiest thing is simply to sit by the fire and enjoy the hot corn.

Sapa is such a beautiful place that makes people come here, love, and get drunk a thousand times. There is no noise, no bustle, no color of travel, but people still want to throw their worries away and just live a life that is simple but full of happiness.

Ban Gioc waterfall

Ban Gioc waterfall

Ban Gioc waterfall

At any time of the year, Ban Gioc waterfall always makes visitors feel satisfied.

If in the early months of the year, this place mesmerizes you by the peacefulness and serenity of the water flow, then coming here in September, you will see a majestic Ban Gioc waterfall with billowing white flowing water, awakening the passion for travel. The water pours down with a red color, containing the essence accreting for the plains.

In September, this waterfall seems to use all of its water so that, when October comes, it returns to the peaceful features, like a highland woman captivating tourists.

The Northwest in autumn is extremely charming and beautiful that you should visit once in your lifetime. Hope that with our guide of where to see the Northwest beauty, your vacation here will be memorable than ever. Please like and share the article with others if it’s useful for you. Thank you.