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Explore Ha Giang by motorbike - Why not?

Explore Ha Giang by motorbike - Why not?

Some people come to Ha Giang because they fall in love with buckwheat flowers, or to answer the obvious question "What's beautiful in Ha Giang?" by going through Ha Giang tourist attractions. But, others come here because they are into the winding roads along towering mountains. Ha Giang is always beautiful, not only because of the flower seasons but all four seasons of the year.

Summer has just arrived, I and my friend made plans to back to visit Ha Giang. We have been here once so we have some experience on transportation, roads, ... but this time my friend said that she wanted to have a more special trip, so we made a very bold decision to ride a motorbike from Hanoi to Ha Giang.

On the way to Ha Giang

Usually, the first days of July in Ha Giang will be the mornings with the bright sun and sudden thunderstorms in the afternoon. But on the day we came, Ha Giang was cloudy and could not see the sun. Instead, clouds poured down the streets, feeling like we were lost in a wonderland.

Ha Giang in July does not have typical flowers like buckwheat flowers or plum blossoms, so there are not many tourists coming here. But for me and my companion and probably many others, the most special and attractive feature of Ha Giang is the beautiful roads. 

Chin Khoanh Pass

Stop at the most famous pass in Ha Giang, we must praise at the majestic scenery here. The zigzag winding slopes create a road that is somewhat dangerous but no less unique. From here, you can see the sky and the ground seem to blend together to create a grandeur scenery. 

Pho Bang

Pho Bang is a small town in Dong Van district. The road to Pho Bang kept going from mountains to mountains. We went through the rain continued to drizzle on the valleys without a shadow until suddenly Pho Bang appeared. Although it was a rainy day, Pho Bang was extremely beautiful in the rain.

This town has almost no trace of travel. This place made us fascinated by the houses with faded red walls over the years, red couplets, or firewood trusses right in front of the alley. The streets were dimmed because of the rain, sometimes we only caught a few rushes of the children frolicking in the rain together. How peaceful!

Dong Van Karst Plateau

Leaving Pho Bang, we continued the journey to discover the magical land of Ha Giang. Over 100 km of passes with dizzying bends of sleeves between one side is a deep abyss and one side is a layer of cat ears rocky mountains, the wild and majestic scenery of the Dong Van rock plateau appears in the cloudy made us really dazed, even though this was the second time.

The first time we came here was a sunny day, so right at the foot of the rocky plateau, there was a small vendor of grilled steaks of ethnic minorities, some stopped by to enjoy a baked sweet potato or a warm, skewered meat. 

Meo King Palace

Meo King Palace is the palace architecture and function of the fortress of the Vuong family, located in Sa Phin commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. This building was built by Vuong Chinh Duc in 1919 and inaugurated in 1928.

In front of the mansion, there were a few stalls selling the specialties of the Northwestern mountains. If you come in the morning, you can come across the market meeting, though simple but extremely busy.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

We continued the journey with the conquest of Ma Pi Leng Pass, known as the Pass King of Vietnam. Ma Pi Leng pass is famous for its winding road, along the ridge, on one side is a steep cliff, on the other is an abyss.

Lo Lo Homestay

I spent a little bit talking about the lovely homestay that we were lucky to be staying at Meo Vac town. This is a homestay in the style of stilt houses, because on the high slope, from Lo Lo balcony, you can freely watch the clouds, the mountains, and the immense fields below. Note that Lo Lo only has dorm rooms. 

Lo Lo is really a very cozy and ideal place to stop and ponder the miracles that have gone through a long journey in this magical land.

We hope that after reading this post, you will know more about Ha Giang and get a memorable time here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Share this article with others if you find it helpful. Thank you!