http://localhost:3000/v1/Post/765 Pa Khoang Lake – a must-visit destination in Dien Bien province, Vietnam
Pa Khoang Lake – a must-visit destination in Dien Bien province, Vietnam

Pa Khoang Lake – a must-visit destination in Dien Bien province, Vietnam

Nestled in the middle of a large valley and surrounded by the green mountains, Pa Khoang Lake bending through the old jungles is peaceful in a strange way. As a lake on the territory of Muong Phang commune, Dien Bien district, Dien Bien province, it is considered as a giant trough containing water from hundreds of rivers, streams, and waterfalls. Let Asia group tours become your partner on the trip to explore Pa Khoang Lake in Vietnam.

Information about Pa Khoang Lake, Dien Bien

The total area of Pa Khoang Lake is up to 2,400 ha, of which 1,320 ha is the area of the forest and 600 ha is the area of the lake surface which can contain 37 million m3 of water. This area has a diverse terrain with a rich vegetation carpet, some wild animals, and a lot of fish.

Pa Khoang Lake

Pa Khoang Lake

Pa Khoang Lake is also an important place providing water for Muong Thanh paddy field with the area of more than 4,000ha, where two crops of water rice are grown per year and becomes the largest granary in the Northwest region, Vietnam. In addition, the lake also has the effect of air conditioning, limiting the effects of rain and flood.

Around Pa Khoang Lake, it is a long-standing residence of the Thai and the Kho Mu ... It still preserves the typical culture of the northwest region. The people here also plant fruit trees, peach blossoms, and orchids... to attract the birds to come and sing each morning.

A trip to explore Pa Khoang Lake

The scenery of Pa Khoang Lake attracts the travelers much at dawn when the early morning sunlight shines through the mist. Or in the late afternoon, the streaks of last sunshine shine on the surface of the lake, making the lake sparkling as a romantic space.

In winter, the mist covers the surface of Pa Khoang Lake fancifully. From a distance, there are majestic mountain ranges together with the rustic houses. In the summer, the air here is cool with the gentle winds... bringing visitors the comfortable and relaxing feeling.

Flower Island in Dien Bien

Flower Island in Dien Bien

Traveling to Pa Khoang Lake, tourists will have the opportunity to sit in a small boat floating on the water surface, to admire the poetic lake-scape and listening to the boat driver who tells about the legend of Pa Khoang Lake. After that, the boat will be anchored in Love Island (Flower Island), where there is a flower garden with vibrant colors and fragrant aroma. Here, you can leisurely walk around, enjoy the scenery, take beautiful photos, go fishing on the lake, and enjoy the fresh space...

After having finished the trip visiting Pa Khoang Lake, tourists can have nice meals and stay overnight in the resting houses or homestays in the Thai village or the Kho Mu village located near the Pa Khoang Lake. Especially, you will have the chance to enjoy the specialties here such as grilled fish (caught from the lake), smoked meat, and bamboo-tube rice…

Bamboo-tube rice

Bamboo-tube rice

The thing may leave the best moment for tourists when they are here is when they try the delicious dishes, drink the local wine, and enjoy the folk songs and the graceful dance of the local people here. That’s wonderful!

Where to stay near Pa Khoang Lake

Ruby Hotel: located at No.43 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Muong Thanh, Dien Bien Phu city. It is a small hotel but beautiful. It is located in the center; therefore, it is convenient for tourists to move to tourist destinations.

Pha Din Hotel: No. 63, group 3, Thanh Binh, Dien Bien Phu city.

Muong Thanh Homestay: located in Hoang Cong Chat, Muong Thanh, Dien Bien Phu city. This is a friendly homestay with full of necessary services for tourists.

Hong Ky Boutique Hotel: located at No. 60, Hoang Cong Chat, Muong Thanh, Dien Bien Phu city. This hotel is well appreciated by tourists because of its cheap price and good services.

Muong Thanh Hotel: located at No. 514, street May 7, Him Lam, Dien Bien Phu city. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Dien Bien with the comfortable and classy space. Besides, there are also bar and nightclub in the hotel.

Muong Thanh Hotel

Muong Thanh Hotel

Some souvenirs as gifts in Dien Bien

  • Tao Meo (Docynia indica): If you do not visit Dien Bien in Docynia indica season, you can buy dried Docynia indica. This is a fruit bringing the mountain flavor here.
  • Dien Bien plum: it is famous for its sweet-sour taste. When traveling to Dien Bien in March, you will have a chance to try this fruit.
  • Dien Bien rice and dried buffalo meat
  • Pictures about Vietnam’s landscapes…

If you are attending to visit Pa Khoang Lake, do not forget to contact us via Vietnam package tour for more information. We hope that the post will provide you with some useful information about this must-visit destination. We will be very happy when becoming your partner on the trip to beloved Vietnam in the near future. Have a nice trip!