http://localhost:3000/v1/Post/1820 What you will miss if you neglect the Mekong Delta
What you will miss if you neglect the Mekong Delta

What you will miss if you neglect the Mekong Delta

What you will miss if you neglect the Mekong Delta

Among the special tourist destinations in South Vietnam, maybe the Mekong Delta is the most outstanding in terms of culture and nature. So, what have you missed here?

It is not as beautiful and gorgeous as any prosperous land, and there are no spectacular landscapes, but the Southwest is still charming with domestic and foreign visitors.

With its gentle, rustic and peaceful beauty, this place can appeal to anyone who loves nature, exploration and wants to find peace to stay away from the noisy and bustling cities.

You might be questioning:

“Why is it so attractive?”

Here are the reasons you will regret if you don't travel to the Mekong Delta.

What makes the Mekong Delta so unique and attractive?

  • Poetic scenery

  • Comfortable weather

  • Hospitable people

  • Abundant cuisine and specialties

  • Fascinating activities

Poetic scenery

Natural scenery in Mekong Delta

The natural scenery in Mekong Delta

The Southwest is famous for its charming river landscape. Images of a coconut bridge across the lush channel, a peaceful tree-lined village road, rows of mangrove palm, or the abundant flora and fauna in many bird farms, mangrove forests, etc., all will give you a feeling of comfort and freedom on a Mekong Delta river tour.

The region is beautiful and poetic but also very exciting. Coming here, you will have many other interesting experiences by the boats filled with fruit and agricultural products on the channels, canals, the lively shopping scenes in floating markets, and harvest scenes in orchards, etc.

Comfortable weather

The Southwest region has an intertwined terrain of rivers and canals, so it has a cool and pleasant climate. You can visit the lush orchids or go for a walk by the green fields, which are in the harvest season.

In addition, you can also travel down the Tien and Hau rivers to admire nature on either side of the river or breathe in the fresh air in the peaceful sky in the Mekong Delta.

Hospitable people

The rustic and hospitable locals

The rustic and hospitable locals

Referring to the Mekong Delta is to mention the friendly smiles, kindness, and hospitality of the people here. They will treat visitors like the way they welcome their relatives to come home.

In particular, you will also receive the kindness and friendliness of the locals when you ask for directions. Or you will always see the smile of the sellers whether you buy their goods or not. Hospitality has become a "specialty" of the Southwest people, making the region attractive to tourists.

Abundant cuisine and specialties

If you travel to the Mekong Delta, you will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious delicacies such as grilled snakehead fish, fish sauce hotpot, typha orientalis salad, fried coconut worms, or sour soup of siamese mud carp and sesbania sesban, etc.

In addition, the Southwest has fertile alluvial, which is home to lush orchards. In here, you can go to the gardens to pick branches of rambutan, langsat, mangosteen, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, or plum, etc.

In addition, you can go for a walk in the gardens, rest in a swinging hammock of pure Southern style.

And before you leave, you can buy specialties only in the Southwest. For example, if traveling to Chau Doc, let's visit Chau Doc market to buy fish sauce. This market is considered a "paradise of fish sauce." Or if traveling to Soc Trang, don't forget to buy the delicious "banh pia" (durian cake) here.

Fascinating activities

Enjoy the beauty of Mekong Delta on boat

Enjoy the beauty of Mekong Delta on boat

It can be said that when traveling, there's nowhere having as many popular folk games as the Southwest. You can leisurely sit on a dinghy, slowly rowing and admiring the view of the river.

Or, you can find out your childhood memories with the game of digging ditches to catch fish. If you like adventurous feeling, let's try crocodile fishing service in Vinh Sang tourist area, Phoenix islet, or join sliding grass, etc.

Besides the above features, there are many other interesting things that you can find out from the Land and People here. Please like and share the article if it’s useful for you. If you want to discover more of the attractions, uniqueness of the place, then visit the Mekong Delta in the flood season. We’re pleased to help you plan them. Thank you and hope you will have a great trip here.