http://localhost:3000/v1/Post/249 Discover Seven Destinations in the Mekong Delta (part 1)
Discover Seven Destinations in the Mekong Delta (part 1)

Discover Seven Destinations in the Mekong Delta (part 1)

The Mekong Delta is an area of rich natural resources and unique historical and cultural value of four ethnic groups: Kinh, Chinese, Khmer, and Cham. The Mekong Delta Tourism Association has recently recognized seven typical tourist destinations of the Mekong River in Vietnam.

Three newly-recognized tourist sites in Bac Lieu Province are the artificial sea of Nha Mat resort, Hung Vuong squareand the house of the Prince of Bac Lieu.

The artificial beach at the Nha Mat resort

Nha Mat resort with the water amusement park

Nha Mat resort with the water amusement park

The resort is the largest one of its kind in the Mekong Delta, with a modern wave-creating system and slides of nearly 30 meters high. It is divided into three zones for kids, adults, and adventurous games. There are artificial mountains around the beach with many unique caves. There is also a stage with 2,000 seats and animal-shaped trees.

Hung Vuong Square

Hung Vuong Square

Hung Vuong Square (

Considered the most beautiful square in the Mekong Delta, Hung Vuong Square in Ward 1, Bac Lieu City has an area of 4 hectares, including a complex of architectural works: the Culture and Art Exhibition Centre, Cao Van Lau Theater, the icon of “dan kim” – the typical musical instrument of Bac Lieu, the icons of three ethnic groups of Kinh - Khmer – Chinese, the memorial monument to martyrs, the Mau Than 1968 monument, a fountain, and many trees.

The house of Bac Lieu Prince

The house of Cong tu Bac Lieu

The house of Cong tu Bac Lieu (

Located near the riverbank of Bac Lieu, the house of Bac Lieu Prince (No. 13 Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 3, Bac Lieu City) is not only the busiest hotel in the city but also a place associated with the name of Cong tu Bac Lieu (the dashing gentleman of Bac Lieu) - the most famous black prince in Cochinchina in the early 20th century.

According to old stories, no gentlemen of Bac Lieu was as rich and ostentatious as Tran Trinh Huy - the dashing gentleman of Bac Lieu. Cong Tu Bac Lieu shocked the whole country when he visited his fields by air as there were only two airplanes in Vietnam at the time, Huy’s and that of King Bao Dai. Many people also said that the Black Prince was renowned for “burning money to cook congee” to get the attention of a girl.

The house of the Black Prince is now Cong Tu Bac Lieu hotel with six bedrooms. Of which, there are five common rooms with a rate of VND 250,000/night, particularly the Black Prince’s room costs as twice as others, but tourists must book in advance because many people also expect to stay in this room. The house was built with French imported materials in 1919 and designed by a French architect.

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