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Top 5 ideal destinations in Long An

Top 5 ideal destinations in Long An

Long An is located in the south of Vietnam, which is the Mekong Delta region attracting hundreds of visitors and foreigners because of its beauty.

So, where are the best places to visit when coming here?

Follow us to find the answer in this article below.

Where to visit in Long An?

  1. Can Giuoc
  2. Chau Thanh
  3. Thanh Tam Flower Garden
  4. Dong Thap Muoi
  5. Nui Dat Landscape

Can Giuoc 

Can Giuoc, a land with several alluvial grounds, possessing hundreds of diverse natural sources with some mangroves. This natural condition has brought here a diverse of specialties such as “mam cong”, “lap xuong”, etc. If tourists desire to visit somewhere in Can Giuoc, they could come to Dinh Chanh Tan Kim – the place which highlights traditional and cultural villages, Ton Thanh Temple – where Nguyen Dinh Chieu taught Literature and guide Can Giuoc insurgent army to fight France, To Dinh Linh Son historical monument – an important location to research archaeology in Can Giuoc.

Ton Thanh Temple

Ton Thanh Temple

Therefore, Can Giuoc is one of the top places in Long An for travelers to go sightseeing. It brings you not only unique landscapes but also distinctive specialties. 

Dragon fruit and watermelon garden in Chau Thanh

Coming to Chau Thanh district, tourists often visit a fruitful garden of dragon fruit and watermelon in Tan An village. It is known for both sweet dragon fruits and tasty Thanh Tri watermelons. Therefore, this garden in Chau Thanh excites travelers as one of the top destinations in Long An.

Dragon fruit garden in Chau Thanh

Dragon fruit garden in Chau Thanh

Visitors could pay a little money and go to this place and then they will have a chance to taste every fresh fruit. One of the most charming moments is during the season of the blossoms of dragon fruits bloom white, the beauty is very stunning.

Thanh Tam flower garden (the center of Tan An village)

Besides dragon fruit and watermelon in Chau Thanh, there is another maleficent garden for tourists to travel, Thanh Tam flower garden. This place in the center of Tan An village with a large scale which both displays several ornamental plants and many genres of bonsai. In addition, it consists of some plants are over 100 years old.

Thanh Tam flower garden

Thanh Tam flower garden

In particular, there were some plants bringing to the exhibition and achieving several honors in flower fairs. Therefore, tourists could go sightseeing the whole world in this garden with hundreds of flowers from Hue, Angkor Wat, Phu Sy Mount, Pyramid, etc. Travelers could be experienced in this place as one of the top ideal destinations in Long An.

Dong Thap Muoi Ecotourism Park

Dong Thap Muoi Ecotourism Park is owned by Long An and the south of Vietnam, which has many mangroves. It is where local people named as “medicine forest” because whenever they go, they could see different hundreds of rare and valuable medicines. Especially, there is a collection of red bananas, which is unique.

Dong Thap Muoi Ecotourism Park

Dong Thap Muoi Ecotourism Park

Going along with some canals as a spider web in Dong Thap Muoi Ecotourism Park with more than 800 hectares, tourists will visit a huge of forests, Tracheophyta and diverse animals.

Moreover, there is a big beautiful lotus and its beauty when it blooms.

Nui Dat Landscapes (Moc Hoa town, Moc Hoa district)

Nui Dat is honestly an artificial mountain. The residents covered the mountain in the years, 1957 – 1960. Nui Dat consists of 3 isles with 2 mountains which the altitude is more than 10 meter. They possess many ancient trees and a long bridge with a lotus lake surrounding it.
The beautiful landscapes here are very peaceful and cool. It is one of the top places in Long An for foreigners to stay and experience.

To conclude, there are hundreds of maleficent destinations in Mekong Delta but here are the top worth-visit places in Long An that tourists should not miss when coming to this destination. For further information about Mekong Delta tours, via our website. Share this news if it is useful for you. Thank you!