http://localhost:3000/v1/Post/465 Attraction on the island of Phu Quoc pearl: Dinh Cau Cape
Attraction on the island of Phu Quoc pearl: Dinh Cau Cape

Attraction on the island of Phu Quoc pearl: Dinh Cau Cape

Dinh Cau Cape is a famous destination that visitors cannot miss when taking a Phu Quoc tour. Let’s come here and you will find it worth visiting.

About Dinh Cau Cape

The cape is shaped like a strange mountain, surrounded by a lot of rocks. On top of the rocks, there is an ancient temple called Dinh Cau. The roof of Dinh Cau Temple is two dragons made of blue enamel porcelain. Next to the beach, there is a famous lighthouse. The most exciting experience here is to watch the sunset which can bring tourists a great memory.

No one knew when Dinh Cau Cape appeared. In some documents, the cape existed from the 17th century. Meanwhile, the current cape was built on July 14, 1937, and was restored after 60 years (on July 14, 1997). Being given a mysterious beauty by the Creature, Dinh Cau Cape possesses rustic and very impressive features.

Dinh Cau temple

Dinh Cau Temple

As the night falls, visitors can drop by a night market near the "castle", adjacent to the coast - Dinh Cau Night Market. The market has over 100 stalls selling mainly seafood, with many rustic and difficult-to-forget dishes. From all kinds of sea snails, boiled squid to crab vermicelli, fried seafood, and fish noodle soup... Besides, the market has stalls selling items of handicraft, jewellery made of marine products. They will be meaningful gifts for your friends and family.

 Dinh Cau temple

Located right near Duong Dong beach, Dinh Cau Rock, (also called Cau Temple), is an interesting spot that you shouldn't miss once visiting Duong Dong beach. In fact, it is an odd-shaped natural formation where local fishermen frequently come to pray before starting their fishing excursions. Situated next to the Duong Dong Fishing Harbour, Cau temple houses a brightly-colored lighthouse and a Buddhist shrine, making it a famed photography spot among travelers. Dinh Cau Rock was established in 1937 to commemorate the goddess of the sea, who is believed to offer the local fisherman protection before heading out to the ocean. After climbing up 29 winding rock steps to reach the rooftop terrace, the visitors will be greeted with the breathtaking sunset views on Dinh Cau Beach with the colorful traditional fishing boats as well as neighboring islets.

The temple is fairly quiet during the year, except for the annual festivals including the New Year holiday and Dinh Cau Festival (frequently 15–16 October), when many local people come here to offer prayers as well as burn joss sticks at the main altar.

Sunset in Dinh Cau Cape

Standing on Dinh Cau Temple, you can see the panoramic view of Duong Dong market.

Dinh Cau Cape is considered the symbol of Phu Quoc where the sea, rock and sun are combined harmoniously. This place now becomes a very popular tourist spot in the pearl island. 

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