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Royal well- Throne

Royal well- Throne

The Royal Well and The Throne are a special destination in the journey to discover Phu Quoc island, with their stories featuring the national folklore.

Royal Well of Phu Quoc

Royal Well of Phu Quoc​

The Royal Well, also known as Gia Long Well or Ngu Well is a tourist destination with many beautiful landscapes. In particular, the sea here is as clear as the sea water in Halong Bay. In addition to visiting the Royal Well and listening to its legend stories, you can explore the ocean with a diving tour watching coral. The coral here is not as diverse and beautiful as that in other spots, but it is also an interesting discovery point because of the beautiful scenery and clear sea water.

The uniqueness of the Royal Well

The Royal Well is located in An Thoi town, Phu Quoc island district, where King Nguyen Anh (or King Gia Long) once set foot here. The Royal Well is a freshwater circuit from the slit of a large rock flowing out, surrounded by a wall built by people to get water. Referring to the well, everyone will imagine a deep well as usual but it is simply a small puddle. However, the magic here is that the water is never to be drained. Therefore, people had a spiritual association and built a shrine to worship. Also, if you drink water in the well, you are believed to be able to recover from diseases or become rich in health and wellbeing.

Listening to the legend of the Royal Well

Listening to the legend of the Royal Well

The legend of the Royal Well

Legend has it that when Lord Nguyen (also known as King Nguyen Anh or Gia Long) was defeated by the Tay Son army and fled here with a loyal army, their food and fresh water were depleted, military hearts wavered. Lord Nguyen plugged his sword into the stone and raised his face to the sky saying, "If heaven allows me to be king, give us fresh water and food".

After the words were over, Lord Nguyen withdrew his sword, immediately in the gap of the sword, fresh water poured over the stone and there was a lot of fishes coming from the sea (this fish is anchovy), helping the army with food and water. Since then, Lord Nguyen had restored his career and unified Vietnam.

What to explore

Besides the cool water, it is said that this well has a very natural healing power that can purify and comfort the body, so every visitor coming here burn incense to pray and drink the cool water of the Royal Well with a hope to gain good luck and health. In addition to the Royal Well, this area also retains many vestiges of the Nguyen Dynasty such as the footprint of the king on stone, the king's Throne facing the sea, and a small temple worshiping King Gia Long, etc.

The clear green water of the nearby beach

The clear green water of the nearby beach

Every day, there are many tourists coming here to visit, so around the well, there are a few vendors to serve tourists. In addition to visiting and exploring the Royal Well, you can take part in scuba diving to explore the marine world because the water here is very beautiful and clear. The beach in the Royal Well area is quite unspoiled with many rocks in strange shapes, especially suitable for you to camp and enjoy the peaceful feeling before leaving. The stretching white sand along with the clear green beach has formed here a paradise, a clean and untouched beach.

Combined with other relics on the island such as the temple of Nguyen Trung Truc or Phu Quoc prison, the Royal Well has become one of the attractive tourist attractions. With Phu Quoc tours, it will surely be a memorable experience for travelers to visit the striking beauty spots and listen to the exciting stories of people on the island. If you like the place, don’t forget to like and share the article with others. Thank you.